Supporting a Grandparent Death During a Pandemic

For a child or teen, when a grandparent dies it is often their first experience with death. It raises questions and can sometimes create fears regarding their own safety and that of their parents and siblings.

During a pandemic there can be added complications to coming to terms and grieving the loss. Social distancing and self-isolation prevent families from being physically present near the end of the grandparent’s life. Anxiety that is naturally a part of death loss may be compounded by the uncertainty, and reports of increased death tolls, during a pandemic.

It is not possible to prevent a child or teen’s grief, and the emotional pain that they feel is a part of the loving relationship they had with the grandparent. However, there are some things that adults can do to support a child or teen at the end of their grandparent’s life during a pandemic.

This printable resource sheet provides some guidance for families at this time.


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