A death in the family changes everything, but at Lighthouse you are not alone. Lighthouse provides free telephone consultations and resource recommendations to anyone wanting to understand child and youth grief and to discover ways to offer support.

For more information about our groups and services, please see below or contact us at:

905-337-2333 or

All services are provided at no cost to families.

Grieving Families

In the days, weeks, or even months following a death, it can be challenging to know how to best support your child, especially at a time when everyone in the family is grieving. Our team of professionals are available to speak with you about your child’s grief reactions, discuss grief support options for your child, and offer resources that focus on the unique aspects of child and youth grief.

Caring Community Members and Professionals

Bereaved families often find themselves grieving alone because members of their community are at a loss for how to help. We welcome calls from caring extended family members, neighbours, friends, and community professionals. Lighthouse can also provide information regarding bereavement services in a family’s own community. No one should have to grieve a death loss without support. If you know a grieving child or youth and want to reach out to them or their family but don’t know what to do, we welcome your call or email.

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