Publisher: Frankenscript Press (Oct. 1 2017)

Author: Lee Gabel

David’s Summer

A family in crisis. An impossible choice. A race against time.
An unplanned pregnancy turns the lives of Deanna, her husband Max, and her teenage son upside down. But there’s something else wrong…
After baby David receives a cancer diagnosis, Deanna drops everything to focus on finding a cure. Max has other ideas.
Based on his own troubled past, Max challenges Deanna to consider quality of life versus quantity. Their opposing opinions throw their marriage into chaos and Deanna seeks treatment options alone.
Caught in the middle, Alex must navigate this family crisis on his own. An unexpected friendship with a cancer survivor may offer the perspective he needs.
With the clock ticking, Deanna stops at nothing to save baby David’s life… but will her relationship with her family survive the process?

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