ISBN-13: 978-0671767624

Publisher: Touchstone

Author: Helen Fitzgerald

The Grieving Child

Explaining death to a child is one of the most difficult tasks a parent or other relative can face. The Grieving Child offers practical, compassionate advice for helping a child cope with the death of a parent or other loved one. Parents of children from preschool age to the teen years will find much-needed guidance, covering:

  • Helping a child visit the seriously ill or dying
  • Using language appropriate to a child’s age level
  • Selecting useful books about death
  • Handling especially difficult situations, including murder and suicide
  • Deciding whether a child should attend a funeral

With a new chapter devoted to the special issues of the bereaved toddler, The Grieving Childprovides invaluable suggestions for dealing with a child’s emotional responses (including anger, guilt, and depression) and helping a child adjust to a new life.

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