ISBN-13: 978-1611608915

Publisher: Whiskey Creek Press (April 26 2016)

Author: Suzanne M. Hurley and Gemini Judson

To the Stars

Devastated by the death of her father and being bullied at her new school, fourteen-year-old Niki O’Malley climbs up to the highest branch of her olive tree in an effort to hide away from the world. Next thing she knows, she’s staring into the window of crying classmate Julie Oliveri. What is even more shocking is that Niki now has red hair and green eyes, very different from her normal black hair and blue eyes. What is going on? Is this all a dream? Magic? Coincidence? As Niki grows stronger and courageous, she discovers that her father lives forever in her heart and she never really did lose him. She also learns the meaning of true friendships and even falls in love for the very first time. Most of all, she understands the important lesson that when you love someone, you need to let them know, before it is too late.

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