ISBN-13: 978-0983499916

Publisher: Artemecia Press

Author: Courtney M Armstrong LPC

Transforming Traumatic Grief

Although losing someone you love to a sudden or violent death is a shocking experience, there are steps you can take to heal. This book provides compassionate support and creative ways to soothe and transform your emotions with powerful, but simple strategies that: – Promote healing and calm feelings of anxiety, anger, or despair – Alleviate nightmares, intrusive images, and ruminating thoughts – Relieve guilt and regrets so you can open up to new experiences in your life – Help you get the kind of support you want from other people – Retain “the living story” of your loved one and sense them as a positive presence in your life Recent reviews: “Courtney Armstrong’s Transforming Traumatic Grief provides practical tools to comfort grievers, promotes resilience and hope for those who have been devastated by tragedy and loss, and shows ways to create renewed meaning in life beyond grief and trauma.”

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