Grief Doesn’t Take a Holiday in Spring and Summer

For some children/teens and their caregivers, the changing seasons can bring reminders of their grief. If the person died in the spring when the lilacs were in bloom, the sight and smell of lilacs may suddenly trigger painful memories of the funeral. Practicing soccer or baseball is not so inviting when the parent who taught the child to play is no longer there to help improve his/her skills at the game.

Mother’s and Father’s Day are times when most children are guided by the other parent to make or buy a small gift to show appreciation and love for the celebrated parent. However, for the child or teen for whose parent has died, these days are painful reminders that they are different than their peers.

For children or youth who want to get excited about summer, there is often an underlying feeling of guilt about allowing them self to engage in the fun activities of summer. The little seasonal reminders of grief and loss will always occur.

So how to maintain strength and optimism, and not have the grief triggers of the warmer seasons overtake your family’s happy moments?

This printable resource sheet provides some guidance for families at this time.

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